Since the foundation of our company in 1987, we have stayed loyal to our vision, following our desire to achieve and our devotion to adapting to change. This has made it possible for our company to display their position as a leading company within the Spanish textile industry.

Our pattern designing and manufacturing line is adapted for sizes from 38, to large sizes of up to 64. We have a wide target market consisting of all kinds of women, both classic and current, who are currently catered for through our two ranges: NAYAT and LOURDES CASTILLO.

Nayat is a timeless brand for those classic women who want to wear comfortable clothes which are continually stylish.

Lourdes Castillo became a milestone for our company. It brought an air of sophistication and renovation to the brand and focused on those women who wanted a breath of fresh air in their closet, without giving up their contemporary and smart style.

We truly believe that it is possible to maintain the essence of a traditional company and become international at the same time. That’s why we can be proud of having a strong position abroad, with considerable experience/expertise in France and Portugal. We also want to broaden our current markets and have start entering new ones including Poland and Italy.